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Whether you are looking for Wedding photography or videography, we have packages that are perfect for you. Contact us to find out more.

Showing you endless ideas

Weddings aren’t just about documenting your day, but about your experience and the memories you will keep all your life. 

You deserve to look your best

You truly deserve the most amazing experience that you can show everyone afterwards and them to be in awe and jealous on how incredible you two looked on your wedding day. We are simply here to bring that vision to life. 


Master Creatives

We have been shooting couples and weddings for over five years now and absolutely love every second of it. Our job is to show who you two are and a couple, and capture your most intimate, candid and real moments. 

We are here to help tell ‘your’ story and ultimately love these special memories that we are able to capture. 

Your Own Wedding Expert

Planning a Wedding is no joke, we are here to help you get the most amazing photos. We can help you with your wedding style, location scouting, intimate poses, photo ideas, and colour theme. 





You deserve to re-experience every part of your Wedding, not just your vows and first kiss.

Why would I want an All Day Wedding? 

I’ll be honest, if I have a dollar for every time a client told me they should have booked more hours with me, I’d be rich. For those clients who booked for 2-4 hours, they were amazed with the photos and videos that were captured, but more than anything else, they wish they hired us to capture the whole day or a couple more hours. 

What did I have for breakfast, where was I, and who was there with me on my Wedding day. We had a big feast and a few drinks before the ceremony, but we don’t have any memories of that captured. A memory of the gloomy sky, or my happy dog, or the way my besties were joking with me. 

What I’m trying to show, is that capturing your full wedding is more important than you think. You are celebrating with the ‘Love of your Life’ for this one particular day, and you will want many memories captured before you forget most of them years later. Maybe when you are 90 years old, you might remember nothing at all, but you will have all the photos and videos to look back and relive each moment. 

Photography and Videography is an investment that will gain more and more value as time passes. Even if memories are forgotten, these captured moments can last a lifetime. 

"Thank you Raymond for our wedding video. It was absolutely amazing! My gosh, I did not plan to have a videographer but I’m soooo glad I did. He was happy to accommodate my plans. Everything is so high quality, loved the drone shots. The consultation was easy and friendly, he worked well with my photographer on the day. I would highly recommend!​"

Sarah & Liam

Wedding Photography Packages + Elopements

Nothing But The Best

8 Hours
  • Crystal Usb: Full Size Images, No Logo
  • ~60 images per hour
  • Edited Images
  • 1 Photographer
  • *Contact for more details*
  • Full Day Weddings Available

Everything You Need

6 Hours
  • Crystal Usb: Full Size Images, No Logo
  • ~60 images per hour
  • Edited Images
  • 1 Photographers
  • *Contact for more details*

Keeping It Simple

4 Hours
  • Crystal Usb: Full Size Images, No Logo
  • ~60 images per hour
  • Edited Images
  • 1 Photographer
  • *Contact for more details*

"It’s easy to rave on about Picrama! We were so happy we ran into Raymond at our friends’ wedding. He is equal parts professional, personable and a joy to be around. After witnessing his efforts and seeing the results of his work, we knew we had to book him for our own wedding. Having him capture the beginning of our marriage was one of the best decisions we made, and the video just brings us back to the day EVERY SINGLE TIME! We highly recommend booking Picrama for your event!"

Arno & Chelsea

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