Top 5 Tips FOr Planning YOur Wedding

25th November 2021

Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding | Photography & Videography

Welcome! On this blog I will sharing my top tips for planning your Wedding!

When you are planning or booking your wedding, and you never hired a photographer or videographer before it can be quite daunting, stressful or confusing when you don’t know the right questions to ask. On this blog I will be sharing wedding photos from a current wedding album that I am editing atm. I am absolutely loving these images! <3 

Tip 1: Plan your Ceremony at the right time

The ceremony when you exchange your vows to each other, is a very special moment. During this time we really want to capture the best possible memories, to do this we prefer having the ceremony in the late afternoon, following shortly with the family photos and couple photos during sunset. Why!? Because if the ceremony is during the day, the sun will be too bright, there will be dark shade spots on our faces, and everyones’ eyes will be squinting. The alternative for a day time ceremony is to have it indoors or in a well shaded area. 

Tip 2: Shoot Family Photos During the Best Time of the Day

This might seem obvious right after our last tip, but shooting family and friends are one of the most important parts of a wedding day! After all you are celebrating your wedding day with with your closest family and friends. 

If you want the best family photos, we recommend shooting the family and friends photos in the late afternoon, 1-2 hours before sunset, right before the couple shoot. This is the best time, where are no harsh sunlight, and we have this amazing soft late afternoon light. Oh and, please have fun with these photos too! Not just the school formal stuff 😉

Tip 3: Plan Activities for your Wedding!

Your Wedding day is just about celebrating, it’s also about having FUN! Make sure you plan activities and games throughout your wedding day, to make your day memorable and also come back with many different type of memories during your wedding day

Examples of activities that you can do on your wedding day include, outdoor games, drinking games, shoe games, dance performances, photo booths, quiz games, the options are endless, only limited to your imagination 🙂 

Tip 4: Sleep Well, Rest Well, Smile and Have Fun!

As a photographer and videographer we are here to document the best day of your life! And what we capture depends on what is in front of us. We love to pose you in the most natural and candid way possible, and just allow the fun and smiles to happen. Be yourself, have fun and let us do the photo and video guiding. 

And..! Cannot emphasis the importance of rest, sleep and hydration! Super important because we want to capture you when your face and skin is glowing at its best! 

Tip 5: Location, Location, Location & Lights!

The location that you pick for your Wedding Ceremony, Reception and couple photos are extremely important! This is because, not only are we shooting you, but we are also shooting the background and environment that you are in. 

During the day, we prefer locations that are very simple and clean, with not too much in the background or colours, to help you stand out in the picture. During the night, make sure your stylist has the venue well lit and well decorated. Running into locations that are too dark is far too common, and if you have a concern talk to your photographer and videographer about it. For this wedding, during the first dance (picture on the right), I had a 3 light set up to light the newly weds, without these external lights, the wedding couple would be completely dark

Brisbane Home Backyard Wedding

Ceremony & Reception: Alexandra Hills, Brisbane

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