Elopement Wedding Photography – Capturing your perfect day in the most natural, stress-free, and cost-effective way

What is an Elopement?

Let’s first start with what ‘Elopement’ means. An elopement is to run away secretly with a lover and never coming back. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it.

The couple sneaks away and has a secret wedding, typically without any friends or family involved, except the witness, celebrant and a photographer/videographer.

What is the difference between a Conventional Wedding and Elopement?

The main difference between an elopement and a conventional wedding, is that the Elopement does not involve guests to witness your vows. In other words, it is an intimate wedding. This can give you – the marrying couple, the ultimate freedom and make this day truly and only about the two of you. You no longer need to spend months stressing out accommodating for everyone else but yourselves – The location, time, food, travel etc etc. For example, your choice of location for the ceremony or portrait wedding shoot can be much more versatile and cost-effective, such as your local beach, park, mountain, river, etc. The money you save could easily fund a honeymoon trip for the two of you!

Why so many couples love elopement photography?

One of the popular reasons why couples love elopement wedding photography in Australia, is intimacy. A lot of couples who have gone through the conventional wedding style complain that the day turns out to be the most exhausting, stressful and expensive day in their life! Having an elopement wedding means no more stress on bridal party, venue, guest list, reception, invitations, time restrictions, travel arrangements, gifts and interior design elements… In some cases, getting married can be complicated by family, religious or cultural matters. Typically, it takes between 12-18 months to plan a wedding, and for some, the time saving is a real life saver. Others, may also want to save money on their wedding, and potential use it for their future home, honeymoon or business instead. They would save money on buying clothes for the grooms and bridesmaids, paying for. the ceremony and reception venues, buying a three-course meal and canapes for their guest and the interior decorations for the ceremony and reception. In other words, the money you saved, can be put to other things you prioritise or value, such as the wedding ring or for your future baby.

Are you planning a small Wedding or Elopement?

Elopements or small Weddings are the way to go if you like an intimate celebration or want to reduce the organisation part of the wedding. If you would like to confirm a date for you Elopement or Wedding in Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast, it is recommended to reserve a date during the week (from Monday – Friday). Weekday weddings have many advantages – more locations to choose from, less people in public, and also more affordable venue hiring (if you don’t want to use free public spaces).

Advantages of Elopement Photography/videography?

Having fewer things to worry about does not mean that your wedding photographer and/or videographer has less to capture, but in fact, they can shoot more details and place more attention on you, rather than making sure all the guests are included in the photos/videos.

Personally, shooting an elopement or small wedding is my favourite event to photograph or video. When this intimate celebration occurs, the day becomes completely and truly about you as it is supposed to be. From a personal experience, the emotions I have felt on an elopement wedding are usually stronger than a huge conventional wedding. I especially love capturing these romantic moments.

We offer elopement photography or videography packages, aimed to capture the most natural, relaxed, and intimate moments of you, in Brisbane, and also all over Australia for couples who are a little adventurous and looking for something special. We can give you ideas and information on elopement of small weddings in Australia, based on our experiences with others who have worked with us in the past.

Variations of elopement – you make the rules!

So if you want to get married, you do not have to wait to save up money or time – you can elope! There are no set rules, no stress, and no heart-aching costs. If you want something in between elopement and conventional wedding, you can also invite up to 20 guests. It’s all up to you! Share the moments with a few close friends & family members while being still being intimate if you wish. You can also combine your elopement with your honeymoon. How would that sound, going to the destination of your dreams and also get spectacular photos, instead of taking iphone selfies for memories.

The steps on how to plan an elopement or small wedding are below:

1. Pick a date and location. You will need to consider the day of the week, the time, the season, and the temperature. When choosing a location for your wedding, think about what you like in the background, whether it is mountains, beaches, waterfalls, vineyards, forest, deserts or parks.

2. Book a celebrant and photographer. Generally if the celebrant has a partner, they can be a witness to your wedding. The photographer and videographer can also be a witness to your wedding. This saves you the hassle of finding a friend, or paying someone from gumtree to witness your wedding vows for you.

3. Decide if you will have guest or no guest. It is completely up to you.

4. Logistics, find an area that works for you. Is it close to your hotel, how will you arrange transport, do you need a helicopter, have you found a hair & make up artist for your wedding day?

5. Permits and rules. You will need to find out the regulations of the area that you will get married in, whether it is public or private land, and get the relevant permit to have your ceremony and photographs taken at that location.

6. Work out your schedule and itinerary for the day: Understanding your location, and what is around your location, the travel time, the sunset hour, etc, can make or break your wedding photos. Here are some beautiful suggestions to capture: getting ready shots, first look, elopement ceremony, champagne celebrations, sunset photos, romantic picnic dinners, casual next day photoshoot.

Elopement Pricing

Collection 1: $950

4 hours of photography or videography coverage.

Personal online gallery to download, print and share your images.

Approximately 200 images, edited to the style that you like, or to our signature style.

Complete set of photos in colour & signature photos in black & white.

Full resolution & low resolution images.

Collection 2: $1,350

6 hours of photography or videography coverage.

Personal online gallery to download, print and share your images.

Approximately 300 images, edited to the style that you like, or to our signature style.

Complete set of photos in colour & signature photos in black & white.

Full resolution & low resolution images.

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